Artist Statement

For me, painting is like music. Visual music created with colorful notes and rhythms of brushstrokes. And an artist is like a composer and a performer, all in one.


Above all, I believe an artist must embody three essential elements.


First is the ability to hear that hidden silent melody, consisting of the fragile harmony of images, colors and inner subconscious forms, inspired by and reflecting the ordinariness of the everyday real world.


Then, when an idea is formed, it needs to be brought from the present day, from the artist’s mind, to be transformed into a future work of art. Translating the imagination through materials and the language of art into objects of aesthetic appreciation requires discipline as well as talent. It takes years of hard training, everyday practice, and learning from mistakes, to eventually master the skills, gain the confidence and hone one’s craft so that an artist can perform and improvise freely.


Lastly, another essential part is to be modest enough to limit the control over paints when it's needed, to appreciate and respect their nature and to let the “instrument” prove itself, to open itself into its full beauty.


When all this comes together then the magic of true emotional response can be reached and the art piece works almost the same way as music does, creating comfortable tension and stirring emotions and senses. The painting on the wall can reinvigorate the energy within its environment, evoking a certain mood. Its quiet presence has a powerful effect, continually reminding us how beautiful this world is.